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Sieve-air separator

Grain cleaning separators of the RVS series (sieve-air separator) can be supplied both as part of the grain cleaning complex and separately by unit.

At the heart of the grain cleaning separator RVS implemented the principle of separation of impurities from the grain, different from its width, thickness and aerodynamic properties. The grain cleaning separator consists of a sieve separator, a pneumatic aspiration system for two-stage air treatment of grain mass and a pneumatic separating channel, to which auxiliary equipment is attached.

After secondary aspiration cleaning, the cleaned grain through the lower tray of the pneumatic separation channel is discharged either into the storage hopper or into the conveying device, depending on the technological scheme of cleaning.

The impurities extracted from the cleaned material, together with the main air flow, pass through the cyclone built into the aspiration system, are deposited in it, and the air is removed from the room by means of air ducts.

The separator can work both in Elevator (preliminary cleaning of the product) and in mill (final cleaning) modes depending on the types of sieves.

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