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Separators pretreatment of grain

The principle of separation of impurities from the grain, which differ from it in width, thickness and aerodynamic properties, is implemented in the basis of the grain cleaning separator of grain pretreatment (sppz).
Grain cleaning separator sppz consists of a drum and a powerful pneumatic separation channel, which is connected to the auxiliary equipment. At the entrance to the separator, a grain pipeline is attached, which ensures the flow of the processed material into the receiving hopper, which is made with a one-sided slope, where a rebound strip is installed, preventing the base of the hopper wall from being erased by the grain flow during long-term operation.

From the receiving hopper, the grain mass enters the mesh drum by gravity, passes it and enters the screening chamber, where it is evenly distributed and through the metering valve enters the aspiration channel, in which the grain mass is cleaned from small impurities.

Large impurities are removed through the large impurities removal channel. After aspiration cleaning, the cleaned grain through the lower tray of the pneumatic separation channel is discharged either into the storage hopper or into the conveying device, depending on the technological scheme of cleaning.

The impurities extracted from the cleaned material, together with the main air flow, pass through the cyclone (BO-10) built into the aspiration system, are deposited in it, and the air through the fan is removed from the room by means of air ducts. Light impurities are removed through the screw.

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