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Block-precipitator emissions


the Price is for reference, the exact cost after contacting the Manager
Block precipitator emissions is designed to clean air coming from the aspiration systems grain cleaning machines.
The principle of heavy impurities extraction from the air is implemented in the basis of the precipitation unit operation. At the inlet, the block-precipitator is connected to a separator that provides the flow of converted air to the Snails. The air flow along with solid impurities enters the snails through the adapter, swirls, which separates the solid impurities.
Clean air is passed through the shoulder blades to the body and selected in the outfit. Solid impurities under the action of centrifugal force settle in the cones and are removed through a screw dispenser.


Технические характеристики

Технические характеристики оборудования

Производительность техническая, м3/час 12000
Габаритные размеры, мм, не более:  длина – 2500 , ширина – 1800. высота 4350
Масса не более 700 кг

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