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(Русский) Лазерная очистка изделий

One of the most common materials can be called metal. It is characterized by high strength and wear resistance, but many do not withstand prolonged contact with moisture and some aggressive chemicals. Corrosion can not only spoil the appearance of the product, but also affect the basic performance characteristics, for example, strength. Over a long period of application of such materials has been developed quite a large number of different methods of rust removal, recently often used laser technology. It has a large number of features.
Laser cleaning is characterized by the following features:

  • High efficiency. At insignificant costs, you can update the product and restore its beauty.
  • the quality of the resulting surface is high.
  • High processing speed associated with the automation of the process and the use of light beam focusing technology to affect the metal.
  • such cleaning involves the use of special equipment. It appeared on sale relatively recently, but today is very popular, installed in specialized shops for the restoration of metal products.
  • Focused light leads to heating of the surface and partial restructuring of the structure. However, the effect does not cause changes in the crystal lattice, that is, hardening is not carried out. This is due to the point impact of the beam.
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