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Ozonation plants

Presenting your attention the mobile ozone systems for the treatment of grain with ozone-air mixture in the warehouses outdoor storage in stationary silos silos, stacks with the purpose of disinfection, disinsection, foci of grain, prevent further spread and deodorization (removal of odours).



The units can also be used for ozonation of closed chambers, fruit and vegetable storage facilities, poultry farms, livestock complexes, for disinfection, disinfection and deodorization.

Ozone is one of the strongest oxidizing agents, the strongest bactericide, fungicide and deodorizer. A special advantage of the use of ozone in many areas of human life is that it does not give undesirable side effects, because unused ozone, disintegrating, again gives gaseous diatomic oxygen.

Ozone is a component of the air environment and is a simple substance consisting of three oxygen atoms. Natural concentrations of ozone in the atmospheric air are usually from 0.002 to 0.02 mg / m3 and are considered as indicators of its purity and freshness.

high chemical activity of ozone is due to its oxidative properties, in high concentrations ozone interacts and destroys the cell wall of bacteria, fungi, structural units of viruses; oxidizes high-molecular substances, biologically indestructible substances, toxins, aromatic and heterocyclic compounds; eliminates odors and reduces the concentration of carcinogenic substances in the air.

Ozone contributes to the long-term preservation of food quality in refrigerators and rooms, equipment and vehicles, in containers and packaging. Its insecticidal properties show against all, without exception, insects, pests and mites acting, depending on the species and stage of development, deadly or paralyzing manner.< / p>

Advantages of this technology: – the effect of ozone on microorganisms: reduces the number of mesophilic, aerobic, facultative anaerobic microorganisms by 95-98%, spore bacteria and fungi by 90%. – the effect of ozone on insects and mites: leads to mortality, paralysis, inability to reproduce depending on the type of pest duration of treatment, temperature, humidity of the grain.

Acts on imago, and preimaginal stages of development (egg, larva, pupa). – the effect of ozone on grain: has a drying effect, slows down the respiratory processes of the grain, thereby increasing the period of biological rest, by eliminating the main causes of spoilage. As a result, and due to the energy of self-preservation, the seed quality of the grain improves, the germination energy increases to 20% depending on the culture and germination class.

as a result of ozone treatment of the seed, the yield increases by 10-12 %. It does not affect the chemical composition and quality of grain, increases its milling quality. – ozone effect on odors: ozone is a good deodorant, destroying irrevocably the odors of combustion products, rotting odors, the smell of wormwood, petroleum products and other barn odors.Gorenje.


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