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Video surveillance and access control systems

Dear employer!

in recent years, in connection with the liberalization of Criminal, Civil and Labor legislation, there has been a steady trend to put it mildly, inappropriate attitude, both to the entrusted property, and in General to their immediate Official duties.

in the current circumstances, we have one right and this is the Right of total control over the process of performance of Official duties and behavior of employees working in companies.

No persuasion and forms of so-called Motivation do not give the result that we expect to get.

a Special situation has developed in the countryside and the reason is quite banal: for many years, people live in one locality and during this time, many have become relatives, some were classmates, some are just friends. These factors are strongly influenced by their consolidation. It is not uncommon during an emergency, the instigator is one, and the others participated out of a sense of solidarity.< / span>< / p>

For the above reasons, there are facts such as concealment of illegal acts in relation to the material values of the enterprise, there are facts of complicity in illegal actions and there are also facts of tacit observation from the side.

In such conditions we will never achieve not that high, but even relative results of economic activity of the enterprise.

the Only thing we have left is control and then such THAT God forbid will infringe on the rights of the employee.

Control with the physical presence of the warden, is OFFENSIVE and as the idlers, incompetents and pofigistov always very VULNERABLE ego, which can cause more desire to harm.

So! There is no ALTERNATIVE to electronic control, which is proved in practice.

Electronic control has become a basic and reliable security system. Modern equipment of various systems allows not only to observe and record events, but also to program the reaction of the entire security system in case of emergency situations. Installation of indoor and outdoor video surveillance within the security system allows you to fully control what is happening in all areas of interest to you.

what is the control system for?

  • Prove wrongdoing against your property or against You and your employees.
  • Control the working time Of your employees in order to use it more efficiently;
  • Record the fact of penetration of unauthorized persons on the protected object or leakage of business and confidential information;
  • Prevent unreasonable financial expenses in the activities of Your company.
  • Which is not unimportant! Psychological impact on a potential offender and violator of Labor discipline.

is Your company not yet equipped with an electronic control system?

  • Then you should understand that every day you incur losses that you either simply because of their employment do not see, or they hide from you, telling you what you are visionary, economic and very smart (be Afraid of the Danaian gifts bringer).
  • You can not control how Your employees use the working time (how many came to the workplace milkmaids, calves or cowmen, etc.) that you pay them;
  • You will not be able to provide proof of guilt, in case of theft or accident, because you are sure to be sent down the wrong path.
  • you will not be able to prevent the leakage of confidential and commercial information or destruction of working documentation.

and after all all this ultimately – Your labor and labor decent workers, the results which can take advantage of one or several dishonest figures.

Saturn-agro offers:

Installation and further maintenance of Electronic control systems such as:

  • video Surveillance: installation of cameras in the territory of the enterprise, in warehouses of various types, in boxes of storage of agricultural products and raw materials, points of repair of equipment, production rooms, in administrative rooms and offices, etc.
  • Installation of access control and control systems (ACS): control or restriction of access to the territory of the enterprise, its separate areas, buildings and workplaces (identification methods: contactless card, keychains; biometric: fingerprints); setting up multi-level access.
  • Installation of time management systems: control and accounting of time spent by an employee both on the territory of the enterprise and at his workplace, the formation of various types of reports for any period of time: accounting on schedule or in fact, the log of violations of the schedule, the facts of absence during a full day or shift.
  • Installation and configuration of enterprise local area networks (LAN): configuration of personal workstations (computers), configuration of the server part of the network.
  • organization of remote access to the enterprise network via the Internet: organization of access to video surveillance systems, ACS, LAN, time management system.

The Work is carried out taking into account the individual requirements and preferences of the customer.

Get Acquainted, See and Feel in the practical application and use of Electronic control systems, you can at the enterprise LLC “NPP” Saturn-agro”

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